We’re the first urban eco-mobility last-mile solution in Romania.

Our goal is to revolutionize transportation in Romania’s big cities with our app-enabled electric scooter rental system. Our system is aimed at short to medium rides in high traffic areas during rush our. We help you avoid lost time looking for a parking spot. Our dockless scooters can be picked up from busy spots around town and dropped off right where you need to go.

How to Download the app!


+ DOWNLOAD the Wolf-e Rides App

+ REGISTER using your phone number

+ ADD YOUR PAYMENT OPTION (we need to charge you 1 RON to confirm your card, you will get back 2 RON in your wallet)

+ FIND a Wolf-e scooter using the map

+ SCAN the QR code on the scooter

+ THE PRICE is 2 RON to start and 0.5 RON per minute after


Full Guide Download the app!


Urban eco-mobility



get around town fast, get a little exercise, no hassle finding parking spots when you get there. You can drop our scooters off anywhere within the geofence as long as it’s on public domain and easily accessible.


you can use public transportation for the long legs of your journey, then hop on a Wolf-e electric scooter the rest of the way. Cut down on pollution in the center of the city so we can all breathe easier.


pay by the minute while using the scooter. No parking fees when you get there.



URBAN WOLVES are united in their passion for electric vehicles and try to do good for their community. And as ANY tight knit community, there are rules to follow. We abide by the Official Wolf-e Rules, carefully developed with our friends at WeAreElectric.

We advocate for safe driving above all else. Take care of each other in traffic and educate local communities to do the same.

We thank you for being responsible and abiding by the following rules while riding our scooters:

You must be 18+ years old to ride.

Follow local traffic laws!

Ride only on the road or bike lanes.

Wear a helmet and turn on the scooter’s headlight.

Use protective eyewear.

Watch out for potholes and uneven terrain. Scooters are only ment for riding on smooth asphalt.

Get off your scooter at pedestrian crossings.

Park in a safe spot where foot traffic is not hindered.

Only one person may ride a scooter at a time.

Don’t ride while under the influence.

Don’t use your phone while riding

Don’t use headphones while riding. Pay attention to traffic signs.

Don’t drive one handed.

Watch out for pedestrians and traffic.

SMILE! It’s free!


Fast registration, 5 minutes from start to ride. Bank card required.